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#11 Tosh Berman

Tosh Berman and I used to have a podcast.

It was called "Books and Innuendo" and we were big in Japan. At least, that's what our stats told us. We talked about a lot of books, forgot the titles and then neglected our show notes. It was in 2008, so podcasting was still in its infancy.

I'm thrilled to have Tosh back on the show when things are much more legit! He has experience in so many areas of books: publishing, book buying, writing, reviewing... there was so much to talk about, we could hardly fit it all in.

Speaking of legit, I'm also really pumped that the new theme music and intro/outro is launching today with this episode. I'd love to know your thoughts- please do comment or drop us a line. It makes me feel like we've finally made it with the show!

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And now, on to the zany show notes for Episode 11 with Tosh Berman:

  • Big in Japan (1:00)

  • Butter on a hot piece of toast (2:00)

  • Finding Boris Vian (4:30) Mentioned: The Dead All Have the Same Skin | I Spit on Your Graves

  • How publishing and book buying are like Show and Tell (6:15)

  • The Surface vs. the Internal (9:15)

  • The book on Sparks and writing about music (9:55) Mentioned: Sparks-tastic

  • How seeing music live changes how you feel about it (13:45)

  • Transforming an experience into a book (15:40)

  • The writing routine and affording food in London(17:45) Mentioned: Wagamama | Pizza Express

  • Love and hate for London (20:15)

  • Book of poetry (24:00) Mentioned: The Plum in Mr Blum's Pudding

  • Foyles has moved! (28:00)

  • The most important thing to know about marriage (28:45)

  • Tosh's relationship book (31:00)

  • Cover design on the TamTam books (33:00) Mentioned: Tom Recchion

  • Socks with a tuxedo? (36:45)

  • Unconventional relationship advice (39:15) Mentioned: Inner City Pressure | Roll call

  • The New Years Eve instant bam thing; the 365 series, the Sunday Series, and the evening series (41:00) Mentioned: Tosh's Blog

  • The writing process vs. the editing process (45:20)

  • How to build a writing routine and make sure you finish projects (47:45)

  • The less dramatic approach to sticking with it (49:00)

  • What writer's block is (51:15)

  • On the fame thing (53:30)