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#88 I Wrote it Anyway


Sometimes the hardest part about writing is having the guts to get started in the first place.

Dal Kular (episode 58) and I have been having a conversation for close to a year now. We keep coming back to the same question over and over and decided it was time to share it with the community: What stops people from writing?

In a time where it has never been easier to publish a book with indie publishing on the rise, I still hear from person after person afraid to take on the title of "writer" for themselves, sometimes even after publishing several books. The statistics have reported that 4 out of 5 people would like to write a book, but far fewer people do.

If this is a dream for so many, what is getting in the way? Dal and I share our own personal stories about what slowed us down early on and encourage you to share yours with a new anthology we're compiling: I Wrote it Anyway.

After Dal and I introduce the topic and the anthology, we have an excerpt of a conversation I had with the writer, Win Charles, on her podcast about her writing routine. Win is a prime example of writing it anyway, since she has lived with Cerebral Palsy her entire life. See links below to listen to that full conversation on her show.

Finally, the magical Mary Laura Philpott (episode 22) is back with a must-read selection for early 2018. Every book she has told me about has been pure gold. In addition, she shares some wisdom about writing her own forthcoming book despite the fact that she is inundated with intimidating titles on a daily basis in her work with Parnassus Books.

We hope you enjoy this Ira Glass "a story in 3 parts" episode and that you start dreaming up something to submit for the anthology. Happy listening!

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Discussed in Episode 88 I Wrote It Anyway:

Part 1: Dal Kular

  • Obstacles faced by writers/aspirational writers.

  • Working Class Writers movement on Twitter.

  • "My Name is Leon," by Kit de Waal

  • “The way for a better society ahead is to hear real stories from real people about real experience.” Caroline

  • “I never want anyone to feel, if they have an impulse to write, that it’s not important.” Caroline

  • “I think that when we live in societies that are super-striated and people don’t hear stories from anyone whose experiences are different from theirs, then they just make up a story about what that’s like.” Caroline

  • “Every story that’s told fills in a little space.” Caroline

  • “That whole process of writing, it just lights something up inside the deepest part of yourself.” Dal on what writing can do for a writer.

  • “Writing is a revolutionary act.” Dal on the power of writing down your experiences.

  • “If you write over a long period of time, it changes you.” Dal, on what writing can mean to the writer.

  • Submit your piece for consideration in the I Wrote it Anyway Anthology: email Topic is obstacles or ways in which you’ve felt inhibited regarding writing. Submissions open now until March. 152,500 words max.

  • Proceeds split between 826 LA, Arts Emergency

Part 2: Win Charles

  • Have a notebook, digital or paper, with you 24/7.

  • Listen to the full conversation on Win's show.

Part 3: Mary Laura Philpott